Fucking MeatCube

No gods. No masters.

UNION OF SNAKES: Your 90’s hardcore fix for the day.

ATARI: Gauge Means Nothing reborn? Not quite, but still good!

SORA: really glad they’re still playing on. Looking forward to new songs!

ELICA: having a good time.

ROOKOW: An insane show line-up for a sad reason, the passing of Rookow’s drummer, Takashi Kakoi. 

BIRTH: Orgasmic live set from yesterday. So precise and tight.

DOCUMENT NOT FOUND: these guys need to record their new songs, and soon.

UNION OF SNAKES: posting about these guys on the blog today. Very good.

FOURYEARSTOOLATE: This is my favorite song. It just reminds me of all that good, slightly out-of-tune Japanese screamo around 2000. Like I Eat Me or something.

FOURYEARSTOOLATE: been listening to them all morning.